• Bike: strada/trekking
  • Difficulty: ***
  • Distance: 55 km
  • Altitude difference: 463 m
  • Total ascent: 992 m
  • Total descent: 992 m

The route begins in Piazza Garibaldi in Crescentino. Once you’re out of the square, head off towards La Rocca, crossing the Po and turning off for the village of Piagera, near Gabiano, which every Saturday hosts a colourful fruit and vegetable market. Once you've got to Piagera, turn off for Moncestino and carry on to Sulpiano, where you'll find the historic restaurant Antico Palter, which has menus designed for cyclists. Go on to Verrua Savoia, which has a castle and a very old centre. Carry on towards Brozolo and after, a descent, go uphill to Moransengo. From here on there is little difference in elevation and the landscape opens up to reveal the crop fields and vineyards around the medieval village of Cocconato, a real gem among the hills. Stop here for some sustenance at one of the many farm stays or just a drink from one of the public fountains. Go down from the middle of Cocconato to the farm company Conbipel and the winery BAVA. Carry on to Sant’Anna, where you must turn left for Robella, cross the state road and pedal alongside it for a few hundred metres towards Cavagnolo. Here on your left, you'll find the road leading to Cortiglione. Once you've passed this last village, you'll find yourself back in Sulpiano. Go downhill onto the state road again, turn left for La Rocca and cross the bridge over the Po to get back into Crescentino.